Scaffolded Solutions is a program designed to help beginning teachers and their students succeed by supporting educators from the ground up.

A supportive mentoring and induction program can provide crucial guidance and support to help your new teachers succeed. Scaffolded Solutions protects your investment in new teachers by creating a systemic support system to help beginning teachers successfully navigate their first five years in the classroom. Based on Resources for Learning᾿s 15 years of experience in developing beginning teacher induction programs, the Scaffolded Solutions model incorporates community building, professional learning, and technical assistance.

Our program provides a multifaceted approach to beginning teacher support. It includes extensive mentor training, an online support system, guided dialogues, evaluation tools, and webinars and newsletters.

Scaffolded Solutions provides an integrated, focused approach to mentoring and induction support for beginning teachers, leading the way to a bright future in the classroom.

For more information, contact Linda Wurzbach at (512) 327-8576, ext. 1 or email